About Us

About RnK Medi Tour

RnK Medi Tour is an organization certified by the Korean government for attracting foreign patients. We are doing our best to help foreign patients to discover the best hospital when they use Korean medical services.

We are in alliance with numerous hospitals, and provide various medical services. We try to select the medical organizations and facilities proper for each patient and provide safe and confidential medical services with high quality.

RnK Medi Tour and our crews have long experience in the medical field as professional experts to provide high-quality services to the customers. We provide the latest information about various hospitals and clinics.

We are in alliance with numerous plastic surgery hospitals, general hospitals, dental hospitals, general health check centers, oriental medicine hospitals, and specialized hospitals. We always check their medical results and stabilities. Therefore, we always choose better medical organizations and facilities for the customers.

We introduce Korean doctors with excellent medical skills(Highly ranks) to the customers.

At the same time, we provide the Korean wave(K-hallyu) tour programs for foreign patient customers while they stay in Korea for treatment, procedures, surgery, and other operations.

If you become our customer, we will always do our best for you. We will provide good memories and services beyond expectation.